Independent Woman: Ja’Kyia Horn Brings the Heat


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Self-Made Influencer Overcomes the Trauma and Mental Health Struggles

ENSPIRE Contributor: Chante` Wiltz

Right now more than ever, the younger generation is defying the expectations that are set in place for them. They are creating a sense of normalcy in advocating for of mental health and breaking the ‘age requirement’ society has to impact the world around you. 23 -year- old Ja’Kyia Horn is a perfect model for Generation Z to aspire to imitate in their own unique way. 

Ja’Kyia Horn embarked on her journey when she was only 16 years old. She started off strong by expressing her charismatic personality and fashion sense across several social media platforms. Naturally, brands began contacting her to offer a multitude of brand ambassador opportunities, sparking her own personal brand. Horn took advantage of the given opportunity to become a registered dental assistant, later creating teeth whitening and cosmetics business Luxury Smiles in Northport, Alabama.

Yet, even with so many achievements and upcoming projects on her plate, Horn has displayed that she can do anything she puts her mind to regardless of any hardships she encounters as a mother and intelligent African American woman. 

ENSPIRE reached out to Ja’Kyia Horn for a deeper look into what it takes to be a self-made boss woman. 

Recently mental health has become a more socially acceptable topic that is talked about daily because of the recent Covid-19 Pandemic. Do you feel the pandemic has allowed you to create a wider platform for you to share your own experiences? 

The pandemic has played a role in creating a broader platform for me. It has allowed me more downtime to be creative and engage with my followers.

It’s obvious that being in the game since you were sixteen has been a clear demonstration of how you handle your own, however, what were the hardships that you faced along your journey?

The high expectations. It’s like people will paint this picture of you or place you with people higher than you (which is amazing), but I’m not there yet. So it’s really a good thing and bad thing because I get in the mood where I’m like ok I gotta get there & I’m trying to live up to that life for them but then that’s when bad comes in, You want to be different but great as well so you’re overdoing everything to meet ends. 

As an influencer, what would your biggest piece of advice be to those a part of Generation Z that have limited themselves because of their self-doubts?

Be you & Be free! YOU CAN DO IT! A quote I love to use is “Your busy doubting yourself while others are intimidated by your full potential” Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You’re human it’s okay to be afraid but doesn’t dwell on it too long! You are afraid of the race when you’re already past the finish line. 

How has having a rather public life affected your life as a mother?

Honestly, it’s been good for me it’s like my kid get love from everywhere. Bonus families lol it’s pretty nice to know people love you and your child wholeheartedly. We really get a lot of love but sometimes you’ll be scrolling on your phone and read across a post or something someone says about their experience as a mom or what they do or wouldn’t do and it’s like am I doing this right lol I really see that everything in life you may do differently than others and some you may do the same doesn’t mean your not doing it right just at your own pace & preference.

Having been in the spotlight for a majority of your adolescent life, how would you describe the influencer lifestyle on your mental health?  

Whew honey it’s a challenge lol. You have literally everyone in watching so it’s like you have to be mindful of everything you do in which it’s great because it really place you in a more mature mind state to things in reality it gives you patience and allow you to THINK before reacting. You become more content & social but sometimes it can get overwhelming mentally because you are human you aren’t always in the best moods but most people except that from you.

What do you consider the biggest life-changing event that prompted you to become an advocate for such a variety of sensitive topics for the younger generation?

Domestic Violence & relationships in a whole! It’s like that was really an eye opener for me & It’s honestly amazing I know that sounds crazy but I’m glad, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason & I truly believe things that I’ve encountered so that I could to be the one tell and help prevent my younger generation or any that may have already endured a similar situation and even the older generation as well.

Ja’Kyia Horn is an influencer who is a part of the many steps there are in order to teach Generation Z how to stand for what they believe in without remorse. Due to the topics of mental health and domestic violence being conversations that are often avoided in public daily, Ja’Kiya is undoubtedly a role model to both her followers and those who encounter her. Rather than forgetting all of her struggles with relationships and high expectations, Horn continues to defy the odds and educate onlookers as she works her magic. 

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