Journalist and Author Nallely Pimentel Informs and Advocates for Her Community


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Nallely Pimentel Uses Her Book “Become a Leader” and Her Company Nallely Multimedia LLC to Inform and Advocate for Her Community

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Versatile entrepreneur Nallely Pimentel is the founder of Nallely Multimedia LLC and the CEO of TV Foro Social. In addition, she is an experienced ethical journalist. She has worked for over 18 years in both US and Mexican media, such as Televisa Hermosillo, Telemax, Cox, and Telemundo. Pimentel is also a book author and activist in her community. She has quite a lot on her plate and won recognition as a 40 under 40 winner for her exceptional work in journalism, entrepreneurship, and activism.

As the owner of her own media company, Pimentel works hard to keep her community informed and up to date, which is especially important in the climate of today. Her work as a journalist and activist allows her to advocate for the community in more ways than one, and her book Become a Leader was written to inspire younger audiences to take action in building their futures. 

Via Nallely Pimentel

ENSPIRE spoke with Pimentel about her company and role in the community.

Can you tell me more about your company, Nallely Multimedia LLC? 

Nallely Multimedia became our main project in 2019. As an entrepreneur, I started my own brand and created this amazing concept to embrace diversity and empower others. Our broadcast projects share quality content and social media services linked to Nallely Multimedia.

Can you tell me about TV Foro Social? 

TV Foro Social is part of Nallely Multimedia and it is the most important content product we have. TV Foro Social is a social media platform that offers our audiences quality content and exclusive international interviews with our local and global leaders in diverse industries, sectors, and communities.

Via Nallely Pimentel

What is your book Become a Leader about and what inspired you to write it? 

Become a Leader is meant to empower the virtues of our young communities to become successful in their adult life. What inspired me to write it? Well, my love, empathy, and compassion to help others. Anyone that has ever known me well can tell you I am a genuine friend and leader who helps others with joy and for the pleasure of making a positive social impact. If it is in my hands to do something for someone, I just jump to do it.

Also, I need to emphasize that I am the result and projection of the values, virtues, and culture of my ancestors and life experiences. I developed resilience, patience, proactivity, and discipline at a young age. I can firmly tell you now that these skills and qualities have given me the power to create for others and go further every day. This goes beyond obtaining academic knowledge; the bottom line is to take care of our emotional formation and spiritual growth as an integral vision of life.

During the pandemic, I realized ‌I got to do something more than only communicating or informing with my journalism. Now I can share different views and perspectives on life. With our book, we now contribute to a thing much greater – the transformation of people’s lives. With all of these uncertain times, violence, crime, and shootings, our youth need help more than ever. They are our future and they deserve to have this guide in their hands.

To become something in life takes courage and a strong determination to make things happen. If we don’t ‌believe in our own selves, we will never believe in our own dreams. The job to build our future starts now.

Via Nallely Pimentel

Can you explain what your motto “Success does not equal happiness” means to you?

“Success does not equal happiness” is the eleventh chapter of our book Become a Leader. In this chapter, I explain how to put into perspective the things that we have, pursue, and earn. For example, money, houses, awards, cars, etc. These material things do not always give us the happiness we are meant to find or feel. These things could make you feel better in the moment or temporarily, but once you have it, nothing feels different. Our young people need to hear this because we typically raise our kids to be successful and not to be happy. Our youth needs to know that success is part of happiness, and happiness comes from the mix of these two to reach an integral human fulfillment to feel complete.

How does your work inspire a passion in the community? 

My work inspires and moves people to action, to take the lead in their families, and to care about others in the way I do for them. Genuinely valuing others for what they are and what they want to be adds significance and fulfillment. When I see change happening around, I get satisfaction and the confirmation that we are doing the right thing and walking in the right direction. Social impact is our goal.

Can you tell me more about your activism in the local and global communities? 

Our social activism is related to children, as we care about their education, social issues, and parents. I am also an advocate for women’s rights and I’m very well connected with several organizations, nonprofits, and movements. We are highly active participants, supporting our role in social impact.

Via Nallely Pimentel

Pimentel’s work in journalism, entrepreneurship, and activism is indicative that she can do it all. She not only works hard to build a name for herself, but also takes the time to care for those in her local community and the global community. Her hard work and dedication to herself and others are truly inspirational and something to be admired. 

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